OSIS understands the issues that health centers can run into while working to manage their own environments – cost, scalability, and in-house expertise. Our Concierge Cloud Hosting was built with health centers in mind.

Unparalleled Service

OSIS currently hosts complete NextGen environments for over 26 Community Health Centers encompassing over 15,000 users, 900 servers, and 1.5 Petabytes of data all in the cloud. Your organization can feel comfortable utilizing our HIPAA compliant, Virtualized VMware data centers knowing that OSIS adheres to the N+1 rule and that our team leverages the latest in hardware and software technology to ensure your NextGen environment is running in top shape.

Disaster Recovery

At OSIS we recognize the importance of ensuring your business is not impacted by a disaster and know you should be able to trust that your hosting partner has taken the necessary steps to ensure your business is not impacted. While others will commit to multiple days to recover and recommend on-site backups or software solutions to allow scheduling, OSIS has invested in enterprise disaster recovery technology. Within four hours of a complete disaster, your team will have access to your critical production NextGen systems. All included in your standard cost.

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