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Tier One: Revenue Rescue

Does your A/R continue to grow and age month after month?  Are you worried about losing out on valuable payments due to a lack of follow-up or expertise? Revenue Cycle Rescue may be the answer you’ve been looking for.  Our Revenue Cycle Rescue service will work with you to determine the needs of your practice.  We will analyze your A/R to identify problem areas, trends, and other contributing factors.  We will rework denied claims and focus on your oldest accounts first to minimize revenue lost to timely filing denials. 


Tier Two: Staff Augmentation

It can be tough to find experienced staff for your billing team. We can help fill the gaps in your billing department with our FQHC billing experts. Staff augmentation can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. 


Tier Three: Full Revenue Cycle Management

Your leadership can rest assured knowing CYCLEPOINT has reduced days in AR, improved collections, and enhanced revenue cycle functionality. Refocus your efforts on patient care and leave the rest to us! If you're looking for help to transform your entire revenue Cycle Management, we take a deeper dive into all CyclePoint has to offer below.

Full Revenue Cycle Management

CyclePoint Revenue Cycle Management Powered by OSIS (1000 × 1000 px)


OSIS continues to provide the NextGen Expertise we always have with the addition of complete revenue cycle management services that can help your organization reduce days in AR, improve collections, and enhance revenue cycle functionality. Services include: 

  • Charge Entry
  • Payment Posting
  • Claim Submission
  • Rejection Resolution
  • AR Management
  • Patient Billing
  • Month End Reporting

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CyclePoint Results Worth Sharing - 2023 (5)
Revenue Rescue Results Worth Sharing (3)

"We were in a situation where we simply did not have enough resources or expertise in File Maintenance to keep up with billing denial claims," Robin Winslow, CEO of, HHC stated. "Taylor Winslow, [HHC's Revenue Cycle Manager] needed extra support and guidance to understand the reasons behind the denial codes."

To understand the denials and the modifier codes causing a backlog of A/R and several File Maintenance issues, HHC partnered with CYCLEPOINT as a resource to understand what was causing a disruption of cash flow and increased denials.

-- Robin Winslow, CEO

HOMETOWN Health Center

Robin Winslow
CEO, HOMETOWN Health Center

"Working with Melina and Ruth helped me understand what a solid revenue cycle process looks like. And I know that my time spent with [them] was necessary to set up HOMETOWN Health Center's revenue cycle process, and the billing department for continued success."

-- Taylor Winslow, Revenue Cycle Manager

HOMETOWN Health Center

Taylor Winslow
Revenue Cycle Manager, HOMETOWN Health Center

The return on investment was incredible. FQHCs should be able to capture almost every penny of its Medicare claims and with the revenue rescue project, we are almost there.

-- Robin Winslow, CEO

HOMETOWN Health Center