What is an HCCN?


Health Center Controlled Networks (HCCNs) will support health centers in leveraging health information technology (IT) and data to deliver high-quality, culturally competent, equitable, and comprehensive primary health care, with a specific focus on improvements in: 

  • Clinical Quality
  • Patient-centered care
  • Provider and staff well-being

HCCNs have provided health IT and data support to health centers for over 20 years, with approximately 86 percent of current health centers participating in HCCNs. The partnership between the HCCNs and Participating Health Centers (PHCs) has demonstrated success in improving access to care, enhancing the quality of care, and supporting practice redesign to integrate services and optimize patient outcomes. HCCN activities include:

  • Sharing resources and providing training and technical assistance
  • Performing data analytics to support quality measurement and improvement
  • Facilitating cost-effective procurement processes by leveraging economies of scale
  • Supporting Health Information Exchange (HIE) and interoperability between platforms

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In the OSIS HCCN Collective, we are fortunate to have a “deep bench” with access to other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), as needed. There are also many people that have worked in the healthcare and HIT ecosystem that are wise advisors to the project.  This team communicates on a regular basis with each other and has a complementary skill set.


HRSA-22-009 Cooperative Agreement


HRSA announced the FY 2022 Health Center Controlled Network (HRSA-22-009) cooperative agreement awardees on July 15, 2022. A total of 43,400,033 was awarded to 49 organizations.

Although the projects within each HCCN's Project Plan may be different, all awarded HCCNs must assist their Participating Health Centers with the following goals and objectives outlined by HRSA. 

HRSA FY22 Objectives

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Participating Health Centers

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Optimizing Health IT


Through one-on-one customized technical assistance, the graphs below depict the percentage of participating health centers (PHCs) that are leveraging OSIS support to improve workflows for a more efficient NextGen EHR utilization within the specified category. Updated as of July 31, 2023.


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Lowrance, Jeff - pro

Jeff Lowrance

Chief Executive Officer

Rudd, Rebecca - Formal (1)

Rebecca Rudd

Director of Governmental Affairs

Meade, Lynda

Lynda Meade

Senior Operations Consultant
HCCN Grant Project Manager

Contact Rebecca Rudd or Lynda Meade for additional information!

2022-2025 Impact Video


Watch this video to learn how partnering with OSIS can help health centers enhance and optimize their Health IT. 


If you're health center is a participating health center we would love your feedback. Let us know how the OSIS grant support has helped your health center!


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