OSIS is committed to providing trusted, secure, and HIPAA compliant NextGen hosting environments for Community Health Centers across the country. Our environment dedicated to your NextGen instance is configured for optimal performance with equipment refresh every three years. 


Care of data


We have two highly available, load balanced data centers located in West Chester, Ohio and Aurora, Colorado that provide backup and restoration points to protect your critical information. For Enterprise Backup, Replication, and Disaster Recovery, OSIS leverages storage frame snapshots, block level, and file level backups at current regular intervals. Data is then replicated to our Co-Location facility in real-time. In addition, we perform a full database backup of Production nightly for report server updates.

Both of our data centers are completely secure - they are staffed 24 hours a day with a dedicated IT compliance officer and round-the-clock security and technical staff, monitoring the physical and infrastructure environments. Both data centers require multi-factor authentication access utilizing biometric scanners and 5-zone security access with cage security cameras. The power and cooling specifications allows for consistent high-quality performance through hot/cold aisle configuration, UPS and cooling redundancy, 100% power SLA, and more. You can rest assured knowing your mission critical data is in good hands. 


Scalable environment


OSIS is a fully virtual environment which allows us to adjust whenever needed. Our hosting model is not a hotel service – each Member will have their own SQL server, remote desktop server, domain controllers, and file servers. Every environment is configured for maximum scalability – VMs are sized per named users for remote desktop terminal servers. We adhere to the N+2 rule, so if your needs change, so will we. We also utilize load balancing solutions to guarantee equalized performance including 3PAR Adaptive Optimization, VMware Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler, Kemp Technologies, and more. 

Disaster recovery


We understand the possibility of a disaster and have designed a unique disaster recovery strategy to ensure your business is not impacted. By utilizing both of our live data centers, we provide continuous data replication between sites and multiple connectivity paths to eliminate points of failure in case of disaster. If a disaster occurs in your production environment, your replication will be rapidly available to you. While others may be comfortable with multiple days to recover, OSIS has invested in enterprise disaster recovery technology to ensure your data is protected with integrity and accuracy while maintaining compliance with industry regulations. Within four hours of a complete disaster, your team will have access to your critical production NextGen systems.

Security features


Security is one of our highest priorities. We have set policies and procedures to ensure that we are exceeding all standards set forth in the HIPAA Security Rules. OSIS employs a combination of industry best practices such as NIST, ISO, PCI, HIPAA, and other vendor guidelines to formulate the best possible security for the environment. We utilize next generation firewalls through Fortinet and next generation antivirus solutions from CrowdStrike. Additionally, we monitor all active directory interactions and leverage a SEIM to aggregate all event logs. Our storage appliances are fully encrypted - we use HPE Nimble Storage, HPE 3PAR, and Pure Storage.

Key benefits


  • Reduction of time, cost, and resources 

  • Multiple real-time, round the clock monitoring solutions to ensure your systems are always running at peak performance

  • Monitor all layers of your environment - network, virtual, physical, and application

  • Migration services from existing environment, including project management and technical assistance

  • Maintenance and support of all equipment and operating system software

  • Faxing, printing, and scanning support 

  • Authenticated single sign-on capabilities 

  • Onsite internal network consultation to ensure overall performance 

  • Formulary, CPT, and ICD Code updates 

We were looking for both IT Support and a NextGen Partner to help with system management, support, configuration, and training. Since partnering with OSIS, we have seen improved customer satisfaction through process improvement, Service Desk accountability, and more structured communication.      

 - Keith Kaiser, Sr. Director of IT and Security Officer, Adagio Health


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