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Our People

OSIS is composed of exceptional individuals who exude passion for their work and radiate positive energy every single day. We collaborate in person and remotely across different states and strive to understand and connect on a deeper level. 

To promote work-life balance, we offer Teams Channels for employees to connect and share ideas, and organize team-building events and social activities to help build relationships. Our average employee tenure of four years is a testament to the loyalty and commitment of our team. In 2023, we were honored to receive the "Best Places to Work" award from the Cincinnati Business Courier, and we are incredibly grateful to our employees for shaping our culture. Search for career opportunities today.

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Our Teams

Our teams are a diverse group of individuals, each bringing their unique strengths and perspectives to the table. We believe in creating a supportive environment where everyone can be their authentic selves, and we hold ourselves accountable for treating each other with the respect and kindness we all deserve. Together, we are a stronger and more effective team.  

We strive to empower and uplift one another, as well as the health centers we serve, to truly distinguish our teams. If you believe you possess the qualities that align with our teams, discover more about OSIS and the exciting positions we have available.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

At OSIS, we firmly believe that every employee has something valuable to contribute, and we strive to create a workplace that fosters inclusion, equity, and diversity. We are proud of our team of individuals, each with their own unique background and experiences, who work together every day to achieve the best possible results for our Members and Clients. OSIS employees represent a diverse and inclusive workforce, with 29% belonging to underrepresented groups. We are also committed to promoting equality and breaking down barriers. 

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OSIS Gives Back

At OSIS, we take pride in being an active part of our community, both locally in the greater Cincinnati area and across the nation. Throughout the year, our dedicated employees select charities that resonate with them, and we happily contribute to those causes on their behalf. In 2022, we donated over $11,000 to GuideStar Charities, championing the impactful initiatives of our team members. 

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What Our Employees Say

"What makes me excited to work for OSIS is to be a part of a company that values and encourages their employees so much!  I love that I can present ideas or opinions to my superiors where they listen, and I feel heard!  This truly makes me feel like I am a contributing part of the team and that my ideas are worth hearing and even implementing.  I’m also thrilled to be a part of a company that enjoys and encourages giving back, as someone who loves to help others in any way that I can it is wonderful to know that those around me share the same drive to help others.  Lastly, the work environment is like a breath of fresh air, OSIS has such an inclusive and understanding environment that allows me to grow in my desired field of billing in a stress-free environment while also allowing me to spend more time with my son."

- Sydney W., CyclePoint Billing Tech II

Sydney W.
CyclePoint Billing Tech II

"Although many of us are remote employees throughout the United States, I really love how OSIS goes out of the way to help us feel like a team and a family. The engagement and creativity through different events like having a virtual murder mystery event or around the world parties - it makes us feel like we are all ONE team, in one place."

- L'Tanya Berry, OSIS HIT Optimization Consultant

"My favorite part about being an OSIS employee is that we are truly a TEAM. While each department has its own area of expertise, the collaboration of all is how OSIS continues to grow and continues to provide excellent service to our communities and Members. I work with compassionate, highly skilled individuals with a shared mission to improve healthcare and optimize the patient experience. I'm proud to be associated with such a remarkable team."

- Miranda C., OSIS NextGen EHR Specialist II

"My favorite part of working with the OSIS team is the support and help I receive from everyone, and everyone is very friendly to work with."

- AJ G., OSIS Accountant II


Accountant II