Although Health Centers face many of the same challenges as independent physician practices, Health Centers have an additional set of demands—grant opportunities, compliance issues, federal reporting—that traditional technology vendors simply don’t understand or deal with on a regular basis.

Because every Health Center is unique, we’ve designed a model that offers a “buffet” of services based on our members’ needs and overall adoption goals.

The technologies we support include:

  • On-site “go live” support
  • Information Security & HIPAA compliance services
  • 24/7 NextGen & IT Service Desk
  • Microsoft Exchange, Office hosting and onsite IT support
  • Business continuity & disaster recovery

Our members find that outsourcing some (or all) of their IT overhead is a very viable option. Usually for the cost of just one full-time employee, OSIS can provide an entire team of experts with skill sets specific to the technology demands of Heath Centers.